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Hair Porosity

For those of you who didn’t know, I have natural hair. Now the average person with natural hair would tell you about how long they’ve been natural and the methods they’ve figured out to take care of their hair….I’m going to tell you right now, that isn’t me.

I’m more of what you’d call a “lazy natural.” I’ve been natural since around 3rd or 4th grade, but I haven’t really embraced the natural lifestyle until recently. As a result I’ve been doing plenty of Google searches and watching video after video on YouTube to figure out what’s best for me. One thing I discovered was that I needed to determine the porosity of my hair.

What is porosity? Porosity is basically the ability of the hair to adsorb and hold in moisture. This can be genetic, but it can also be altered by one’s use of chemicals and heat on the hair, and even the amount of exposure the hair has to the elements. Finding out your hair’s porosity can help you better understand what your hair needs in order to become as strong and healthy as can be.

Now,hair porosity put into 3 categories: low, medium, and high. A wonderful and detailed explanation of these three can be found on NaturallyCurly.com, which is a great site for tips and resources on natural hair.

When I did the test, as shown on the site, I discovered I have low porosity hair. I am currently experimenting with products to see which works best for me, but so far I found that does really well for my hair. It has glycerin, which is a necessity for those with low-porosity hair, plus it’s cheap which is another added bonus! This product can be found in stores such as Fred’s, Walmart, and .

Where my naturalistas at? What natural hair discoveries have you made?

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