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Being “That Girl”

This is going to be an extremely random post, but I just had to let it out…..

I was just sitting here thinking about my friends, and came to the realization that ever since I could remember, I’ve always been “that girl.” You know, the one nobody ever pays attention to,that never really stands out. When people think of me they think, “Oh yea, she’s cool. Doesn’t talk much.” ….that’s it. Nothing dynamic about me that sticks in anybody’s minds. And to make matters worse, I always wind up becoming best friends with the “hot chick,” the one everyone is attracted to and thinks is awesome. It’s pretty ridiculous and it’s a major self-esteem killer. I’m sure I’m not the only unlucky girl who has been thrust into this extremely uncomfortable position.

If you’re “that girl,” don’t fret! We’re still special! Here’s the way I look at it: you may think nobody cares or notices you or pays attention to you, but God always is watching and paying attention, and I’d rather have His undivided attention than some random person any day! As long as you are able to remember your worth in God’s eyes, the opinions – or lack thereof, rather – of man don’t even matter anymore :).

Are you “that girl?”

8 thoughts on “Being “That Girl”

  1. Nothing wrong witht hat all. I grew up that way with my best friend. I was always that girl that hung out with "the cool kids, or the hot girl" too. I learned to make a name for myself as I got older. Not I'm know as "that girl" who does other things but good things.

  2. Well…I was always that girl….but I didnt even hang out with the popular crowd. Lol. Its cool though, bc man can elevate you….but when God does it…its completely different. Thats what He is doing with u!

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