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Revenge vs. Forgiveness

Hey again,
I just wanted to share my devotional with you guys this morning.  Today’s topic was on revenge and forgiveness.
People annoy us daily. Whether it be by something they said, something they did, or even the way they looked at us. It is up to us as mature Christians to be the bigger person and keep it moving. I’m not saying we should allow ourselves to be ran over by others, but we need to learn which battles are really worth the fight.  This even counts for when we are persecuted for our beliefs. The time is already here when people are being hurt and killed for believing in God. Will we feed into the madness and starting hurting them the way they are hurting us? No, of course not. That is not what God teaches us. God teaches us to use wisdom in everything we do and to allow Him to take control, because He will handle it, trust me. It may look like we lost the battle, but God guarantees us that we most definitely will win the war. 
What did this passage speak to you, personally?  Feel free to comment.

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